The Facilty

Since opening in 2005, the Northern Ontario Surgical Centre has treated over 65,000 patients for a wide range of private medical procedures and treatments. With two levels and entrances that conceal the actual size of the facility, the centre itself spans 8000 square feet and incorporates fully equipped major and minor operating rooms, monitored multi-bed recovery areas, 12 laser and treatment rooms, spacious consultation areas, private offices to discuss financing options, elegant waiting areas and a private waiting and secure rear entrance/exit for additional privacy when desired.

The Northern Ontario Surgical Centre is a fully accredited Independent Health Facility licensed, regularly inspected, and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Province of Ontario. Also accredited by the Canadian Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, the Northern Ontario Surgical Centre uses state of the art equipment and professional, board-certified medical staff to ensure an exceptional patient experience. Surgeries and consultations are arranged at a mutually convenient time for patient and surgeon, and can often be performed within weeks of initial contact.